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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download

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a5c7b9f00b The now legendary, almost mythical character of Indiana Jones once had a childhood. Every episode starts out with the elderly man that he is in the 1990's getting into a specific situation where he has to tell a story from his past. The stories go back to when he was ten years old and on a world tour with his father, and to his late-teens when he fought in World War I.
The adventures of the archaeological treasure hunter in his youth as related by an elderly Indiana Jones.
I had not seen these episodes but was familiar with Indy as a teenager so I decided to give them a go as they are currently streaming. And I know why I never watched them: boring. Correy Carrier plays the young Jones (age 10/11) as a petulant brat. All I want to do is put the kid over my knee and give him the spanking his father won't. And I suspect George Hall was picked as he could channel the clipped speech and sound of Sean Connery. It couldn't have been for acting ability. While the stories are visually beautiful, I can see where the budget went, and the inclusion of historical characters is interesting, the plots are for the most part slow and slower. Travels with Father is so bad it is a series killer. I guess if you are trapped at home in a snowstorm and there is nothing else available and there isn't a book in the house or even the back of a cereal box to read then you might consider watching these. What was George Lucas thinking√∑
First of all, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank George Lucas. He has been bashed quite often, recently for the Star Wars prequels and the new Clone Wars movie, but &quot;The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles&quot; is one of his greatest works ever, and even though it was never as popular as he had hoped for, he tried everything to keep the series going for as long as possible. Thank you for that! Now, don&#39;t expect something like the Indiana Jones movies when buying or renting this, because in that case, you will be disappointed. Archaeology is only featured in 2-3 episodes and there is a lot less action. But, if you are interested in seeing an exceptional TV Series, that invites you to be entertained and educated at the same time and you want enjoy a wonderful journey through the first two decades of the past century, this might be what you&#39;ve been looking for.<br/><br/>The character of Young Indiana Jones is portrayed by two actors in this series. Corey Carrier starrs as an 8 year old Indiana Jones, who travels around the world with his parents, the strict professor of medieval studies Henry Jones, Sr. and his caring mother Anna. They are also joined by Miss Seymour, an Oxford tutor, who teaches Indy everything about the history and culture of the countries they visit. Indy usually gets separated from his parents and Miss Seymour and explores everything on his own. Then a 16 year old Indy is portrayed by Sean Patrick Flanery. Indy participates in the Mexican Revolution and, being inspired by their causes and their resolute way of taking action against their enemies, decides to sign up in the Belgian Army and fight in World War I. In Mexico he also meets Remy, a Belgian, who will accompany him in many of his adventures.<br/><br/>Most episodes start and end with so-called bookends, 3 or 4 minute segments starring George Hall as an Old Indiana Jones, who usually tells the stories of his youth to stubborn and arrogant people, with the purpose of making them better persons. Those bookends often provided some historical background for the episodes, but were cut out for the DVD releases in 2007. A shame, in my opinion.<br/><br/>The series starts of great, already, with an awesome pilot that takes Indy to Egypt and Mexico, hunting down a tomb robber. After that the series leads Indy to many exotic locations, including British East Africa, the Congo, Barcelona, Petrograd, Vienna, Peking, the Ganges River, the South Pacific Islands etc. The cinematography is absolutely spectacular and on a big TV screen the images look magnificent. In this series, the world is shown more beautifully than hardly ever before.<br/><br/>Lucas created this series for historical purposes, and Indy is involved in many events that actually took place, like the Mexican Revolution, a safari with Teddy Roosevelt, or the Battle at Verdun. There he also meets many famous people of that time including Pablo Picasso, Howard Carter, Sigmund Freud, Charles de Gaulle, E.M. Forster, Ernest Hemingway and many others.<br/><br/>Besides that, the series also features quite a bunch of famous actors in supporting roles, like Elizabeth Hurley as Indy&#39;s first great love in London, Vanessa Redgrave as her mother, Catherine Zeta-Jones as a dancer and spy in a mission in Palestine, Daniel Craig as a German officer, Jeffrey Wright as Sidney Bechet, Friedrich von Thun as Albert Schweitzer and Christopher Lee as Austrian Foreign Minister Czernin. Harrison Ford actually reprises his role as an Old Indiana Jones in one of the episodes.<br/><br/>The series has been nominated for many awards, including 25 Emmy awards, but wasn&#39;t very successful when first aired, mainly due to the fact that people expected a huge action series, similar to the movies with Ford. Don&#39;t make that mistake. Like I said before, if you want to be entertained and educated at the same time, treat your eyes with the most beautiful locations on Earth and meet historical persons, watch this series. You definitely won&#39;t be sorry!

The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. It is assumed that no one who is diligently avoiding spoilers will be visiting this page in the first place. Young Indiana Jones (henceforth referred to as YIJ) is a television series based on the characters in the Indiana Jones feature films. The series follows the Indiana Jones character as he was growing up with the adventures he has with various historical people he meets along the way. 32 episodes were filmed in two separate productions for the ABC television network between 1991 and 1993. Additional filming was done at a later time to expand the Palestine 1917 episode into 2 hours. Additional filming was done in 1996 to expand the Curse of the Jackal episode into 2 two hour movies. 4 made for cable movies were filmed for the then U.S. Family channel in 1994. In the U.S the series premiered with good ratings but the ratings quickly dropped. Apparently people expected to see the action packed pure entertainment of the feature films and tuned out when they found something more cerebral. <br/><br/>In an attempt to booster ratings the second production of episodes concentrated on the older Young Indy which had a little more action. Harrison Ford was even brought in for a brief appearance in one episode. These did not help and ABC pulled it from the air in April 1993. During the summer ABC ran some of the unshown episodes. <br/><br/>In other countries YIJ was much better received which might be one of the reasons the Family channel decided to do the movies. In the U.S. four episodes were never shown in their original format. They have since been shown in their re-edited format. Florence 1908 Prague 1917 Palestine 1917 Transylvania 1918 These were aired in most other countries. In the U.S. YIJ has run on ABC, the USA cable channel, and what is now the ABC Family (formerly called The Fox Family Channel and before that the Family Channel). The U.S. History Cable Channel started airing YIJ on October 6, 2007. Also the similar but slightly different U.S. History International Cable Channel is airing both the YIJ episodes and the YIJ documentaries. For the episodes and times see both the History and History International Cable Channel schedules.<br/><br/>YIJ has also aired in Finland, Germany, the U.K., New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Argentina, Italy, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Korea, Brazil, Hungary, Russia, Guatemala, Slovenia and Slovakia. The TV series Young Indy was played by two actors: Corey Carrier between Young Indy ages of about 8 to 12, and Sean Patrick Flanery between about 17 to 21. Also in the cast were Ronny Coutteure as Indys friend Remy, Margater Tyzack as Indys tutor, and Ruth De Sosa and Lloyd Owen as Indy&#39;s Mother and Father. Indy as an old man was played by George Hall. For more information on the cast, see the IMDb&#39;s cast page for YIJ. Digital techniques were used in some scenes to &quot;shrink&quot; Corey to make him look younger. However, he still appears noticeable older. Principle filming has been done in<br/><br/>London, England<br/><br/>Dublin, Ireland<br/><br/>St. Petersburg, Russia<br/><br/>Liverpool, England<br/><br/>Almeria, Spain<br/><br/>Prague, Czechoslovakia<br/><br/>Cortina, Italy<br/><br/>Barcelona, Spain<br/><br/>Feltre, Italy<br/><br/>Lamu, Kenya<br/><br/>Florence, Italy<br/><br/>Tana River, Kenya<br/><br/>Pisa, Italy<br/><br/>Nairobi, Kenya<br/><br/>Taita Hills, Africa<br/><br/>Paris, France<br/><br/>Mombasa, Africa<br/><br/>Benares, India<br/><br/>Nairobi, Africa<br/><br/>Beijing, China<br/><br/>Malindi, Kenya<br/><br/>Shanghai, China<br/><br/>Istanbul, Turkey<br/><br/>Vienna, Austria<br/><br/>Venice, Italy<br/><br/>Cairo, Egypt<br/><br/>Greece<br/><br/>California<br/><br/>Thailand<br/><br/>Morocco<br/><br/>Second unit filming has been done in numerous other locations. The long awaited U.S. DVD release of the YIJ is in 3 volumes. The first volume was released October 23, 2007, the second volume on December 18, 2007, and the third on Aprl 29, 2008. Along with the episodes are historical companion films which are original works from the Lucasfilm documentary unit headed by CBS News veteran David Schneider. Those that find the DVDs too expensive to purchase might consider renting them. All of the episodes have been edited into 22 movies for release on video. Twelve of the YIJ videos were released October 26, 1999 along with a re-release of the Indy feature films. Not many places sell the videos anymore but they can be gotten used from places like Amazon listed on the Young Indy links. These 12 videos were released worldwide over the course of 2000. The remaining 10 YIJ videos have never been released. <br/><br/>There were a few episodes from the early episodes released in Japan and the U.K. There was also a boxed laserdisc set of some of the episodes released in Japan. Four volumes were released in the early 90s, as well as a &quot;best-of&quot; CD. There have been several series of YIJ novels. Some have been based on YIJ episodes and some are original stories. They are also aimed at several different age groups. Unfortunately many are now out of print so are only found in used book stores. There are also a few other books with YIJ info. There have been articles on YIJ in the Starwars Insider (formerly the Lucasfilm Fan Club), American Cinematographer, Cinefantastique, Starlog, Cinefex, Epi-Log, and TV Zone. has scripts for several episodes. The official Lucasfilm/Paramount YIJ web site is at Although the official Indiana Jones site is currently devoted to the new film, YIJ content will soon be re-added to the site, Loren Heisey&#39;s website is one of the best YIJ fan sites on the internet. See<br/><br/> also has a lot of information on YIJ. See<br/><br/>A good site for episode summaries is The Indiana Jones Timeline at
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